Meeting of the IUCN Community for Europe, North And Central Asia

The IUCN Interregional Committee for Europe, North and Central Asia (ICENCA) is an IUCN Member Committee recognised by IUCN Council and managed by a Steering Committee of nominated Member representatives. ICENCA has been invited by long-standing IUCN Member, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC), to participate in their annual SunChild International Environmental Festival in October 2023 and to celebrate FPWC’s 20th anniversary at that time. The ICENCA Steering Committee has accepted this kind invitation and intends to use this opportunity to bring IUCN Members from Europe, North and Central Asia together for informal meetings and training workshops to further the cause of nature conservation.


What to expect?

This event will be a platform for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among IUCN members from our region. Through informal meetings and engaging training workshops we aim to bolster the conservation efforts and pave the way for a sustainable future.
The event will:

  • provide opportunities for Members to prepare for the IUCN Regional Conservation Forum in 2024, including discussion workshops and training sessions.
  • host interregional meetings for Commission members and National Committees and Country Focal Points
  • held a Members reception for enhanced networking
  • be an opportunity to share experiences between colleagues and projects 
  • give the opportunity to join a field excursion

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Join us for this unique occasion to strengthen the ICENCA network and take strides towards the conservation of our planet's biodiversity and nature while enjoying the Sunchild Festival.

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